Books in chronological order

All of Eva’s books, whether it’s the Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers, the Angela Tate Investigations  or The Senior Moment, are interconnected in some way (a minor character in one book, for instance, might be a major character in another), so I thought I should create a list for anyone who fancies reading them in strict chronological order (I know it’s something I quite like to do when I discover a new series).

So here they are:

The Loyal Servant set in April/May 2010

The Loyal Servant






The Senior Moment set in August 2011

The Senior Moment






The Deadly Silence (formerly The Third Estate) set in February 2012 (and summer 1979)

The Deadly Silence






Run Girl set in December 2012






Fresh Doubt set in April 2013






Kill Plan set in May 2013






Skyberg Files set in June 2013






Deep Hurt – set in August 2013






Shoot First – set in September 2013





Below Zero
– set in December 2014






If you’d like to read more about how some of the characters are related and interlinked, take a look at this CAST LIST.