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Hello lovely people

Kill PlanSorry not to have blogged ALL YEAR. Still, it does mean I have a lot to share with you all… just not today. Yes, the new book is coming out soon; yes the research trip to Stockholm was brilliant; and yes Ingrid is up to her neck in it yet again, but…

I just wanted to let you all know (well, those of you in the UK) that there are some fabulous discounts on the paperbacks of Eva’s books on for the rest of May. Kill Plan, Book 3 in the Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thriller series is just £4.79! And Deep Hurt (Book 4) can be yours for the bargain price of £5.39. That’s quite a saving from the standard list price of £7.99.

Amazon are also discounting two of Eva’s other paperbacks. The award winning The Loyal Servant – a great way to introduce friends to Eva’s work – is on sale £4.79, and the brilliant The Deadly Silence is just £5.39.

Whether it’s a treat for yourself, a present for someone else or just a chance to complete your collection at a great price, May is the month to click ‘Buy Now’!

I’ll be in touch again soon. I promise.




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  1. Just wanted to let you know I so enjoyed the Ingrid Skyberg series!! I have read them all! Eva was a very good writer and storyteller! She will be sorely missed. I understand from other posts and websites, the series will continue and I would like to be notified of future publications. Thank you

    • Hi Peggy

      So glad you’ve enjoyed Eva’s books. Not too long now before the new book comes out. Right now, Ingrid is running through a snowy forest being pursued by a gunman… To make sure you know when it’s released, hit the big orange ‘Send me a free book’ button on the home page, and you’ll find yourself on Eva’s mailing list.

      All the best


  2. Can’t wait for the new book! I am really enjoying the Ingrid books!(I have just spent the last few days bing reading them and staying up way too late!) As an American living in Sweden, this next one will be exciting to read!


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