The audiobook of Fresh Doubt retails for $19.95 on but you can win a copy for FREE just by helping me out. When I say ‘just’, I’m actually going to ask you to do a bit of work to be entered into the giveaway: I want you to suggest a keyword I can use to help promote the Ingrid Skyberg series. The good news? Well, there are no wrong answers and you stand a good chance of winning a really valuable prize in exchange for a few minutes thought.

Fresh Doubt audiobook

Fresh Doubt audiobook

What’s a keyword, you ask? Keywords are words authors put in the metadata of their books to help new readers discover them. We try and guess what readers are typing into Amazon and Google and add those search terms to our metadata. I want to take the guess work out of it because I want you to tell me what you’d type into a search field if you were hoping to find a book like an Ingrid Skyberg thriller.

Here are some examples of keywords…

  • strong female protagonist
  • thrillers with a twist
  • best new thrillers
  • thrillers set in London

… you get the idea. Obviously I don’t want you to tell me any of those, instead I hope to learn  the words you actually type into the search bar on Amazon when you’re looking for a new book or author to read. Like I say, there are no wrong answers. So get thinking, then get entering!

And don’t forget to tell me whether you use or (choose this option if you don’t live in the UK).

Just fill in your details below. Good luck!


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The competition closes at midnight GMT on January 5th. Winners will be notified by email.



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