Re: The Field of Blood

Denise Mina - Crime writer

The TV adaptation of Denise Mina‘s Paddy Meehan novel was shown on BBC 1 last night. I saw it on iPlayer when it was originally shown in Scotland (why couldn’t we all see it at the same time, Auntie Beeb?). Great cast and fab story. (Love that orange paint on the anaglypta in the hall – ooh and The Mighty Wah’s Story of the Blues. Whoever said the 80s were rubbish?)

Today I’ve seen a couple of tweets from Sophie Hannah (@sophiehannahCB1) about the apparent lack of fat Scottish lassies available to play the lead role. Now I’m not sure what the air brushers were doing in 1982 to give any woman who was a regular shape and size distorted body image issues, but I know for a fact that Photoshop couldn’t have been to blame. So most probably the vision Denise Mina had of wee Paddy in her head was probably a tad larger than the actress Jayd Johnson.

“You get fatter every time I see you, Meehan.” Really?

Brenda Blethyn wore layers of chunky clothing and thermal underwear to reach a decent Vera Stanhope roundness. Couldn’t they have done the same for Jayd? Though no one looks good in a donkey brown duffle, she just wasn’t ample enough to warrant all those boiled eggs.

Come on BBC Scotland – batter some Mars Bars.



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