Rachel Bailey and Gill Murray, episode 3 of Scott and Bailey

We were back to the plot with the third episode, after last week’s instalment brought us thoroughly up to date with the happenings in Janet and Rachel’s personal lives (not to mention Pete’s!).

The episode in brief
Number 3 opens with a Scott and Bailey classic Cagney and Lacey-style chat on the stairs of the police station (I’m beginning to think the stairwell may be replacing the ladies as the preferred location for heart to hearts between our titular detectives). Then we’re into swift flashbacks of the previous evening at first Chez Scott then Bailey.

Ade is horribly put upon by Janet and Sean is being deceived by Rachel. Then back to real time, as Janet and Rachel force themselves to put on serious faces before interviwing an 18-year-old boy who has discovered his father stabbed to death on the kitchen floor. Cut to the murder scene itself with DCI Murray dressed in a paper onesie complete with over-shoe bootees and face mask.

With absolutely no pausing for breath.

No wonder they manage to fit so much into every episode. The story then races along to its conclusion (no spoilers here) with a fabulous extra element at the end to ensure justice prevails.

The one very slight complaint I have is with the casting. It was very distracting to watch Lewis’ love interest starring as the grieving widow. Though I love Claire Holman, surely another actress would have been more suitable? I couldn’t stop myself thinking she should snap on her rubber gloves and perform the autopsy herself.

Watch episode 3 on ITV Player until 16th May.

Great direction
The quality of the direction of this series has been outstanding. So often crime drama plods along in a pedestrian fashion looking for all the world as if it had been made in the 80s. Or there’s the shaky camera technique and not much else. But both Scott and Bailey and Broadchurch have felt really fresh and exciting. The director of the first three episodes of S&B is Morag Fullarton, who not only has a history of directing crime drama (The Bill, Pie in the Sky, Rebus and Taggart – yes she’s been in the game THAT long) but she’s also worked with Sally Wainwright before on At Home With the Braithwaites. I’d venture it’s fair to say Morag knows her onions.

Quote of the episode
Janet Scott to Pete regarding the car park shag: ‘Is that why you’ve been shitting on sherlock?’ Now there’s a title for a short crime story. Wonder if someone’s already written it… *searches Amazon database*

Scott and Bailey nerd alert
Did anyone else notice how Pete’s confession to Janet about his indiscretion with Sharon Bailey was shot in the alley where Janet and Andy had a big pash in series 2? Nope? Maybe I’m reading too much meaning into such directorial decisions… and I need help.

Season 3 is turning into a ‘must-watch’ – pretty rare on television these days. Bring on episode 4!

An aside:

Suranne Jones’ interview on Woman’s Hour
Lovely though it was to discover Jane Garvey is a big Scott and Bailey fan, I was somewhat alarmed by Suranne Jones’ reluctance to commit to a fourth series, explaining the filming took over six months to complete and she was really rather busy… same for Sally Wainwright.

What? No more S&B? Just when it’s getting properly into its stride? I might just have to start one of those petition thingies on the Number Ten website. Or perhaps a direct plea to ITV/Red Productions/Sally Wainwright might do the trick. Maybe I could try Sally (co-creator) Lindsay first.

You can hear the full interview here: Woman’s Hour.



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