No Scott & Bailey tonight – it’s been bumped by the UEFA cup final – BOO!

But we do get two episodes next week (Weds and Thurs at 9pm) – HOORAY!

Scott and Bailey episode 6I hope everyone remembers to tune in – especially after the weirdness of episode 6. Is it just me or are a lot of people disappointed in Rachel’s choice of one night stands? But really – Kevin? And even if you can get over that huge suspension of disbelief, what about the scene in Janet’s spare room? Even someone as messed up as Rachel Bailey wouldn’t bring a shag back to the Scott family home (no matter how rat-faced she was).

I realise it’s crucial for the sake of the plot to have a big falling out between Janet and Rachel – it keeps things interesting – but this is so extreme, I’m not sure Janet will ever dredge up enough forgiveness to move on.

What does that mean? The series returns next year after a makeover and a name change – Scott & Murray anyone?

I’m guessing there’s a big reconciliation in the final episode as our two heroines rally together to save Gill from the clutches of… just who was in the car at the beginning of episode 1? Was it Helen Bartlett?

You can catch up with episode 6 on ITV Player until 7th June.



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