So, Nanowrimers – how’s it all coming along?

Nicely? Hideously?

Or has progress stalled completely?

Though I’m not taking part this year, I do have a project that I wanted to complete (4th draft of  a 3rd draft rewrite, followed by 5th draft polish) by the end of November. I say ‘wanted to’ because things have been moving incrementally slowly. Even at this stage new plot holes are emerging like molehills on a newly turfed lawn. That’ll learn me for rewriting most of the original 80+ k words during the third draft. Thankfully none of them have turned into mountains.

But what about you? Two weeks in, two and a bit weeks to go and in theory you should be at the 25k mark. But as we all know, writing/creativity in general can’t be reduced to a scientific formula. (Even though sometimes we wish that it could.)

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only managed a few hundred words so far – there’s plenty of time to put in a spurt and catch up. No really – there is. Year after year novice (and not so novice) writers have achieved the magic 50k when all they had to show for giving up TV, sleep, seeing their kids, proper food, daylight, fresh air, having meaningful conversations about anything other than their plots/characters/prose style/RSI was a measly handful of pages in their word processing application of choice.

The secret of success is quite straightforward. GET YOUR ARSE BACK IN THAT CHAIR AND TYPE!! Banish that evil nagging genius crushing inner editor and let your fingers fly over the keyboard.

I know how hard it is and I know you can do it.

Go team Nanowrimo!



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