When will there be more Atkinson?

I read a quote recently (may have been on the back cover of ‘When Will There Be Good News’) that Kate Atkinson has created her own sub genre. The problem is, for us fans, it’s a sub genre of just one. And given the gap between books (it’s a bit like waiting for a new Kate Bush album – well maybe not that bad) it’s awful frustrating when you’ve read everything in the canon and can’t easily move on to something else that’s similar.

When will there be more Atkinson?

Try a ‘customers who bought this’ search on Amazon and you’re confronted with a list of literary novels that maybe are just a bit too worthy to lose yourself in when you’re looking for an interesting plot as well as a fabulous cast of well drawn characters. With a Kate Atkinson novel you get it all, in one nicely packed volume.

Am I asking for too much when all I want is a hooky start, a compelling middle and a satisfying ending? I want characters I can get to know and root for. And maybe some humour thrown in as well. I suppose that is a lot.

I’d like more Tracy Waterhouse if at all possible too.

Any suggestions for good reads in a similar vein would be gratefully received.



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