I thought Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg could handle any situation, but Amazon has just dealt her a blow she can’t come back from without the help of loyal readers like you. Over 1500 reviews for Fresh Doubt have gone missing, and I really, really need you to come to Ingrid’s rescue.

As you may remember, I got the rights back to the Ingrid Skyberg Mystery series a couple of months ago. When I republished the books, the reviews – reviews that readers like you took the time to write – didn’t transfer for all the titles. Fresh Doubt, the first book in the series, used to have over 1500 reviews; it now has just 16. I really need your help to rectify this, and I’ve got a very special reward for any reader who will leave a new review for Fresh Doubt today.

Free book!   Bonus material!   Eternal gratitude!

As it may have been a while since you read it, I have made Fresh Doubt FREE to download for the next 24 hours. Even if you remember Ingrid’s battles to investigate Lauren Shelbourne’s unexplained death in vivid detail, please do take this opportunity to download it again, as then your review will have the coveted ‘verified purchase’ tag.

Getting new reviews for Fresh Doubt is so important to my hopes and aspirations to revive the series that I’ve got a very special bonus for every reader who can help rescue a gal in trouble.

Bonus 1. Ingrid Skyberg’s psychological profile. In Final Offer, Ingrid reluctantly submits to therapy. This exclusive bonus tells you what her therapist really thought of Ingrid’s mental health. This has never been shared before and you will be the first people to read it.

Bonus 2. The first 50 readers who leave a review will also receive an advance copy the brand new Ingrid Skyberg Mystery, Flight Risk, due for publication next month.

You probably already know how vital reviews are to the success of a series. It’s almost impossible for me to convince new readers to give a Skyberg book a go if it isn’t backed up by reviews from fans like you. As I gear up for the launch of Book 7, it’s crucial that Book 1 provides a welcoming gateway to the series.

If you’ve got this far, I figure you want to help. Thank you. Here’s what I need you to do.

Step 1. Click here and download Fresh Doubt for FREE.

Step 2. When you’ve done that, please leave an honest review.

Step 3. Email a screengrab of your review, or a link to it, to jo@markh390.sg-host.com.

Step 4. I will send you Ingrid’s highly classified psychological profile that reveals details about her childhood and Megan’s abduction that have never been shared before.

Step 5. When the new book is back from the proofreader, if you are one of the first fifty reviewers to contact me, you will receive a free advance copy of Flight Risk.

Thank you so much. Your continued support for this series never fails to astound me. You really are the best readers in the world and I can’t wait to share Flight Risk with you in a few weeks’ time.

Thanks again,

Jo Monroe

P.S. Please let friends and family know that for the next 24 hours they can download Fresh Doubt, a book that previously had over 700 five-star reviews, for FREE!

If you’re feeling outraged that Amazon has lost one of your reviews, you could email reviews-help@amazon.com or reviews-help@amazon.co.uk and ask them to reinstate your old review. A little piece of me hopes that if a few readers do this, it might trigger something in their system to reinstate all of the missing reviews.



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