Eva HudsonHello! Thank you for popping in. The kettle’s just boiled – fancy a cuppa? Splosh or joe? There’s cake too. Pull up a chair.

I’ve been writing crime novels for over seven years now and with  eight of them under my belt (two forever to be stored in a locked bottom drawer) I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. To find out more about all that writerly stuff, visit the (rather remarkably entitled) about me section.

My crime thrillers mostly feature female protagonists. They’re stories with proper beginnings, middles and ends with a twisty surprise or two thrown in along the way.

If you were a fan of The Killing, can’t get enough of Scott & Bailey and get so caught up in the latest Lee Child you forget to eat/wash/sleep, then it’s just possible you’ll like my stuff.

I blog about crime fiction, TV crime dramas, the writing process and how the whole indie publishing enterprise is going. I also share news about works in progress, including new covers and the occasional excerpt.

If you’ve got a moment, have a nosy around the site. And if you’re interested in finding out about competitions, freebies and exclusive content, please join the mailing list.