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When the Secretary of State’s wayward granddaughter goes missing during delicate peace negotiations, it’s down to Ingrid to find the girl. MORE



An American student at a London university is found in a pool of blood. Ingrid must play a series of deadly mind games to unmask the killer. MORE



A serial killer is out for revenge, but can Ingrid put the pieces of the crime together in time to save the next victim? Or is she the real target? MORE



Ingrid must hunt down a US pilot who has gone AWOL in London. Meanwhile, a call from home brings painful memories to the surface. MORE



A murder witness goes missing in London, but Ingrid isn’t the only one looking for her. A gang war that started in Chicago is about to explode in the English countryside. MORE



Below Zero


Ingrid is in Stockholm on a mission so illegal neither the FBI or the US government know about it. Her instructions are simple: no ID, no credit cards, no trace. This time, Ingrid is on her own. MORE





A dead Russian oligarch and a hacked Presidential election. The two crimes couldn’t be related, could they? Ingrid goes deep undercover to find out. The new Skyberg thriller coming soon!


Fresh Doubt - The Audiobook

by Eva Hudson

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When a minister is found dead at his desk, Caroline Barber is sure he didn’t commit suicide. MORE
WINNER of the Lucy Cavendish Prize for Fiction.

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British grandmother Jean Henderson witnesses a robbery in Manhattan. But when she tries to give evidence to the cops, no one wants to hear. MORE

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Casey Collins is 9 years old and she’s been missing for over 24 hours from the same council estate where two little girls disappeared 30 years ago. MORE

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Eva Hudson Eva grew up in south London. Before she started writing full time, she worked as a local government officer, singer, dotcom entrepreneur, portrait artist, project manager, graphic designer, web designer and content editor. Eva had wanted to write ever since she was a child (she won a literary competition aged 10 for a ghost story!), but didn’t get around to writing her first novel until 2005 when, inspired by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, she realised she wanted to tell real page-turning stories that would keep people up all night just to find out what happens next. Her first novel wasn’t, she freely admitted, very good and it was consigned to a very deep drawer… shortly followed by her second novel. She started her third novel, The Loyal Servant, in 2010. Set in the Department for Education where Eva had worked for eight years, it won the inaugural Lucy Cavendish fiction prize from Cambridge University and gave her the confidence that she was finally writing something people wanted to read. She published The Loyal Servant in 2011 and never looked back. READ MORE



Meet Ingrid Skyberg, one of the toughest Special Agents ever to come out of Quantico. She’s tenacious, resourceful, virtually indestructible and just a little bit out of control. Assigned to the US embassy in London, Ingrid is on the case when an American citizen gets into trouble… or winds up dead… or is accused of a crime they didn’t commit. Whether she needs to wear combat fatigues or a cocktail dress, Ingrid Skyberg always gets the job done.

Ingrid grew up on a Minnesota farm but the course of her life was changed when, aged 14, her best friend was abducted, never to be seen again. She vowed she wouldn’t stop until Megan was found and the man who took her was brought to justice. From that point on, Ingrid’s life was devoted to joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation: she got herself fit, got her college degree, became fluent in three languages and served time in the local Sheriff’s department until she met the FBI’s joining criteria.

At first, she was a stickler, a keeper-of-the-rules. But the more cases she works, the more comfortable she is when she has to step out of line. Supremely fit and utterly determined, nothing stands between Ingrid Skyberg and the truth.


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Not so happy Valentine’s Day

So it’s Valentine’s Day. For anyone out there feeling alone, broken-hearted or romantically bereft, I hope you can take some consolation in the fact that A) Valentine’s Day is totally made up and just a marketing ploy to make suckers spend money, and B) You’re not Ingrid Skyberg. In the new book, she’s on Tinder. And let’s just say her dating career has taken a nose dive. And that’s saying something. Shall we take a moment to list the men she’s dated? OK then. So, there was her high school sweetheart, Clark Swanson, he of the lovely smile who turns out to be a cheater and a swine (this only comes out in the short story Dirty Secret, which is available – for the first time – to readers not on the mailing list as part of the re-packaged box set). Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Google Then there was Marshall Goddamned Claybourne. What the hell was she ever doing with such a pompous ass, and why the hell did she accept his marriage proposal? No wonder she took a job on the other side of the Atlantic. Nick Angelis? Far too arrogant to love, but you can imagine they had a good time in the sack. Ralph Mills. Or should that be Poor Old Ralph Mills, Ingrid’s attempt to break her bad boy addiction. But he was never going to be enough for her, was he? There was also a brief liaison with the detective inspector in Kill Plan, Patrick Mbeke, that didn’t go anywhere for a very good reason. Have I forgotten any? You’ve probably read... read more

How to help your favourite author

  Last week, I asked everyone on the mailing list to help me relaunch the Skyberg series by leaving new reviews of the books. I’ve been touched by the response and I want to say a very big, and genuinely heartfelt, thank you to everyone who took the time to do it. I got one very kind email from a reader saying, ‘What else can I do to help?’ and I gave it some thought. There’s actually quite a lot you can do to help your favourite authors find more readers, and it doesn’t require you to spend a cent, nor should it take up too much of your time. Obviously I hope you’ll follow these tips to help Eva’s books gain more visibility, but you can also do this for every author you think deserves a wider readership. 1. Follow them on Facebook (, Twitter ( and other social media platforms. 2. Join their mailing list (you may also get the occasional freebie, so everybody wins). 3. Always review their books and then share your reviews on social media. If you read paperbacks, photograph yourself with a copy and blog/post about it on social media. 4. Tell your friends about your favourite new author and encourage them to download any free books they offer. So, in Eva’s case, that would be Run Girl, which is free on the following retailers: Amazon iBooks Google Barnes & Noble Kobo The extra downloads will help boost Run Girl’s ranking, which in turn helps other readers discover the Skyberg books. 5. Follow your favourite author on Goodreads (, BookBub ( and Amazon... read more

Ingrid’s had a makeover!

  I’ve been thinking about getting the Skyberg covers redesigned for a long time. It’s been so long since I published Below Zero I wanted to inject a bit of excitement back into the series, and giving Ingrid a whole new look seemed like a great way to make readers (and me) excited about Skyberg again. When the early books in the series were first published in 2014, Eva was going through treatment and although she was immensely proud of them at the time, the covers probably didn’t get the attention they deserved. Enough time has now passed since Eva died for me to look at the Skyberg series more objectively, and I decided it was time for an overhaul. But there was a problem. Whenever I looked at photos for the covers, I found the models used by all the major stock photography libraries (Getty, Adobe, Bigstockphoto etc) either had long hair or their lingerie showing! The books make it clear that Ingrid has short blonde hair and spends most of her time in biker gear. That meant I was going to have to commission the portrait photography, and here I got really, really lucky. Over breakfast, I mentioned all of this to my girlfriend she said ‘I know just the person’. So I went to meet the model who’s tall, slender, blond and – like Ingrid – Scandinavian. She also, weirdly, looks a lot like Eva, so much so that when I showed Eva’s best friend the early mock-ups she cried. Now I’ve got used to the similarities, I think it’s really cool Ingrid has ended up... read more


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